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Our company operates in the wholesale fruit and vegetable market from the beginning of 2002. During this time we have gained the trust of many customers.

We are engaged in vegetables market throughout the year in the packages and to the degree requested by our customers. Goods sold primarily in wholesale quantities. We have signed agreements with gardeners and farmers , producer group and assotacions a permanent basis. We work closely with farmers of five districts. Goods are organized from across the country. We are present in Hungary, Slovakia , Russia, Romania and Italy. We send the goods to eleven countries. 98 % of the turnover of our company is export. Our goods can be found on markets of the European Union, the Eastern and Asian markets. Many years of work in the wholesale market in the vegetable and fruit gives us stable and trustworthy company and a stable, timely cooperation with our customers to the satisfaction of both parties. We continuous aim to the develop our business and broaden its offering in line with the needs of customers.

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